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The professionals at NWC General Construction can provide customers with a broad variety of window options. Homeowners can choose from several different window styles, sizes and primary materials to customize the installation or replacement process. Like any other installation, however, homeowners should plan ahead for the right windows for their needs as different materials can provide customers with different advantages.

Vinyl windows are the most common option available. This material is also the least expensive to install, and there are different quality grades that differentiate between windows. Some cheaper plastic parts may break, but high-quality vinyl windows can provide homeowners with years of efficient use. Generally, these windows are not recommended for homes that regularly experience high temperatures or large amounts of daily sunlight. They may be painted, but the paint needs to be reapplied for it to maintain its appearance.

Wood windows are typically more expensive than vinyl windows, but the material is much more durable and resistant to warping than vinyl. Wood needs to be sealed with finish and paint relatively regularly to prevent rotting, but it has natural insulating properties that can help keep the home warm and reduce energy costs. Natural wood windows are also unique because they provide homeowners with a distinct rustic appearance, which makes them ideal for certain indoor styles.

Clad windows are a composite system that combines a primary surface with a coating, or cladding, of vinyl, fiberglass or aluminum to make the system more durable and reliable. Clad windows are available in a variety of styles, based on the surface material, and customers can choose from several different paint options to achieve the desired look on their system. The longevity of a clad window typically depends on the primary materials.

Finally, homeowners can choose to invest in fiberglass windows as well. These windows are much stronger than vinyl options, and they are often less prone to environmental damage, such as heat damage. They do not expand or contract as frequently, and they come in a variety of natural colors. However, these windows require a little bit more hands-on maintenance to make sure that they do not sustain damage.

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