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The siding chosen for the home can play a crucial role in determining how the home looks and how well it stands up against all types of environmental damage. NWC General Construction can provide homeowners with a wide variety of siding options, but it is up to the clients to determine what options can provide their home with the most benefits.

Horizontal lap siding is perhaps the most commonly chosen variety available. This type of siding is made with a number of different materials, including vinyl, fiber cement, aluminum or wood, and homeowners can choose between a number of colors and styles depending on the surface. It is a particularly advantageous option because of how easy and affordable it is to install, and it can be a versatile choice for homeowners who live in mild climates.

Board and batten is another common variety available, and it is an excellent choice for both traditionally designed and modern homes. It comes in fiber cement and wood options, and it is one of the most affordable types and styles available. It was once used on farm buildings, but its quaint style has since been adopted to numerous modern home systems, particularly those in rural areas.

Fiber cement panels are a more advanced option that homeowners can invest in. This type of siding features large sheets of fiber cement panels to create a flat and uniform surface area. Homeowners can choose to have shadow lines treated, or they can leave them where they are to create a more futuristic and contemporary appearance. While this style is not as versatile as other varieties, it can be advantageous because of how naturally durable it is.

Stucco is another popular exterior option, and it comes in a broad variety of surface styles and colors. Homeowners can choose from colors such as green, blue and yellow, and the appearance is associated with Southwestern building styles. The texture can vary from coarse to fine, and it is a highly advantageous option because of how durable and easy to maintain it is. Lighter colors are more advantageous in warmer climates where the heat can be reflected.

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