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Gutters are an important structural and aesthetic element of your home. When installing or replacing existing gutters, the type of gutter you install is crucial. The term type refers to the material composition and construction of the gutter.

Vinyl gutters are lightweight, easy to install, do not rust and are one of the less expensive choices in gutters. However, if not properly installed, they do have a tendency to sag, so it is recommended that an experienced installer handle the job. They can also tell you if you live in a climate suitable for vinyl. In extreme cold, the vinyl may become brittle and crack.

Aluminum is another material that produces lightweight, rust-resistant gutters. Aluminum is extremely easy to work with, and it can be painted to blend with or accent the house. Aluminum gutters can tolerate any type of weather, but one consideration to keep in mind is the thickness of the aluminum. Less expensive material tends to be thinner and more susceptible to bending. This is a concern where ladders may be rested against the gutter, or falling tree limbs may cause damage.

Gutters can be made from galvanized or stainless steel. Galvanized steel is fairly cost effective, and it is stronger than aluminum. However, without proper maintenance, galvanized gutters will rust through.

Stainless is one of the sturdiest materials that can be used in making gutters. Favored by some homeowners for its appealing shine, you can expect to pay up to 4 times the cost of other materials when considering stainless.

Copper gutters boast the same benefits and features as stainless. They are sturdy, rust and corrosion resistant, weather neutral and expensive. Experienced installers are needed for copper gutters because the sections must be welded together. Copper ages to a beautiful patina of varying shades of blue and green.

Gutters have two basic types of construction: sectional and seamless. Seamless applies only to aluminum gutters, and one continuous sheet of aluminum is used to create lengths of gutters as required by each job. Joints are only needed at corners, and the gutters are made to fit flawlessly with the soffit and fascia.

Sectional gutters come pre-measured in select lengths. They're assembled on the jobsite, which requires cutting sections to fit properly and join the sections together. The experts at NWC General Construction can recommend the type of gutter construction that is most appropriate for your gutter project.

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